Where I’ve been:

In life there are three things that are always certain. The first two, death and taxes. The third (although no disrespect to the wutang clan) for me is the act of creation. No matter where I am in life I am always engaged in creating something; sometimes that means planning, sometimes that means being hands on, and sometimes that just means taking in things to translate them later. Jewelry has been a medium that has followed me through pony beads and gimp in elementary school all the way to fine metals and stones now.

What I’m doing:

Life has been crazy is the biggest understatement that we’ve all been making. These days I am shifting my focus to use my skills to better my community. Through volunteering and charity sales I can use my skills to help bring aide to those that need it in a way that is unique to me.

Where I’m going:

I can’t wait for it to be safe again to have events and see all your lovely selves. This will be updates when that happens, until then be well ❤

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